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so many ways to


Video Tutorials

This ever growing gallery of videos is sure to help you on the path from concept to market!

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Free Resources!

Funding, Makers, Tools and More!

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Customer Feedback

It seems like only yesterday the idea popped in my head...

"It seems like only yesterday, the idea popped into my head. Now, Lisa is negotiating with a (major) (multi-million dollar) company on my behalf. Lisa moves strong, fast and has the focus of a laser beam. Her connections and rapport with the "big dogs" in the industry are unbelievable. Her compassion, patience and dedication to her clients sets her apart from all the rest. Her integrity is unsurpassed. If you're going to get in the ring with the big dogs, it is crucial to have representation from someone who's been there before. Lisa has had over 20 years of experience in that ring, and it shows. I remember years back, consulting with a so called expert on one of my inventions. He told me to mail a picture of it to myself in an envelope to protect it, needless to say, that didn't go far. I have found my golden egg, and not a moment too soon. Thank you Lisa Lloyd!

Felicia (Lisa) Lujan-Puckett

Great job on the book...

very well put together and tons of useful info! I have had experience with copyrights and trademarks but not with patents, etc.. Learned a lot.

Bruce Blitz

I read your book on the plane...

 ride home and being in this business I can say your book is a great baseline for inventors! I even picked up a few good tips J

Jim DeBetta - www.slingshotpdg.com

Lisa's book is  a practical, 

 Lisa's book is a practical, straight-forward guide for getting your business started.  There is nothing as valuable as advice and insight from someone who has actually been there and done that."


Julie Dodd - www.OctaPockit.com